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Bock BV Cuvéedry red wine20196 930 Ft(0.75 l)Add to cart

Bock BV Cuvée

dry red wine2019In stock, can be taken immediately

6 930 Ft(0.75 l)

Unit price: 9 240 Ft/l
Vineyards: Bocor, Fekete-mountain, Ördögárok
Award: 1 pc
Bottle sizes: 0.75 l
Product line: BV


  • Decanter World Wine Awards 2022 - Ezüstérem

Tasting notes

The wine has equal proportions of syrah, which provides the spicy flavours, kékfrankos, which provides the backbone, and pinot noir, which displays filigree elegance and fruity notes.
When poured into the glass, the nose is first enveloped by the ripe, spicy, vanilla aromas of the great wines, followed by ripe fruit, spices, vanilla violets and plums. After one or two hours of decanting, the wine opens up further, new dimensions emerge: more fruit and spices emerge from the wine, and red berries such as blackberries become stronger alongside the plums.

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About the year

The year started with a relatively mild and dry winter (January-February). Nights were typically -1-5°C, with rather pleasant temperatures during the day.
March started off warm, followed by a few weeks of cooling in the middle of the month, but by the end of the month we had several 20°C spells. This warming continued into April, with the grapes starting to fade in the first week of April. Then the 2-week cool spell in mid-April brought nature to a standstill and shoot development became sluggish. Practically from the beginning of September 2018 until April 2018, there was no significant rainfall (100-120 mm), with the first major showers in April.
May was colder than in previous years, so flowering did not start until June, even for early varieties. However, at flowering (June), it unexpectedly became very hot, with temperatures of around 30°C, so there were varieties with less than perfect attachment.
Setting was in mid-July, which suggested that harvesting would not start in August this year.

By the end of July the summer heat arrived with temperatures of 30-35°C, followed by a slight cooling in the first decade of August. The rest of August was extremely hot, with highs of 40°C, and even the usual post-20 August cooling did not arrive, continuing until mid-September with temperatures of 25-30°C. After mid-September, 20-25°C was the norm, with occasional showers of a few days refreshing the warm, dry days. By October, the weather was in the 20°C range until the end of October, when the cold weather arrived unexpectedly with lots of rain.

We started the harvest with the earliest variety, Irsai Olivér, on 22.08.08, and then, due to a few days of heavy rain, we continued with the early white varieties (Chardonnay, Rieslingszilváni) and the blue grapes (Pinot Noir) for sparkling wine making in early September. We continued with the blue grapes and were able to carry out the harvest almost uninterrupted, which was successfully completed on 28 October, before the cold and rainy weather arrived.

In 2019, we harvested healthy grapes of good quality and we expect a good vintage.

Wine characteristics

Degree of dryness


Sugar content

1.4 g/l

Alcohol content


Titratable acidity

4.7 g/l

Sugar-free extract content

30.7 g/l

Viticultural data

Cultivation area

Villány Wine Region


Bocor, Fekete-mountain, Ördögárok

Characteristic soil

Mészkövön barna erdei talaj, löszös, agyagos

Grape types and percentage

kékfrankos, pinot noir, syrah

Burden of production

0.8 kg/vine

Vintage time

2019. október

Winemaking data



Method of fermentation



barrique barrels

Maturation period

12 months

Bottling time


Commercial data


800 db

Cellar gross retail price

6 300 Ft

Market entry


Wine selections


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