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Bock RedY

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1 980 Ft(0.75 l)

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Type: Villány classicus red wine with protected designation of origin (Light fruity)
Vineyards: Selected vineyards
Bottle sizes: 0.75 l
Product line: Estate wine

Tasting notes

Redy is Villány’s newest brand. It’s light, fruity, cheery, young, party-loving, pleasant, cheeky, rakish and exciting. It doesn’t pretend to be more or less than it is. It’s just like the young and forever-young Villány winemakers who made it. In Bock Redy the fruitiness of Portugieser is accompanied by the character of Kékfrankos and the velvetiness of Pinot Noir. The cherry-red colour is complemented with purple reflexes at the edge. Its aroma is defined by sour cherry, spices and cloves. Its light, velvety texture gives it a vibrant, tense palate made complex by the flavour of prunes. We fearlessly recommend it as a wine for summer evenings or to accompany barbecues, at 12-14 °C.

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About the year

Unlike earlier years, the winter was extremely cold and dry. The minus-zero temperatures throughout January reduced the likeliness of the formation of later illnesses.

The great cold speedily burst into spring as the shoots appeared. The average daytime temperatures at the end of March were higher than is usual at this time.

Similarly to 2016, development was explosive. In April the early warmth was followed by several waves of cool, causing growth to slow down and the phrenological phases to return to normal.

At the beginning of May nearly 50mm of rain fell in three days. Sadly, as a result of the sudden rise in temperature the rain arrived with hail. Luckily this caused damage to only a small area of the crop. The heat of May remained with us throughout the summer, the august heat reaching 39°C for days on end.

The relatively dry and hot weather kept the sicknesses at bay, and so pest control was essentially pre-emptive, and there was comparatively little spraying to do. All in all, we were able to harvest lovely ripe bunches.

The unexpected September weather brought a sudden end to the good early harvest. As opposed to earlier years there ws higher rainfall and over several days. No week went by without some rain. The temprerature also suddenly dropped, but thanks to timely protection no infections formed.

However, the forced wait occasioned by the weather proved a good tactic, for October had a veritable Indian summer in store for us, and so the later varieties could ripen in safety.

Summing up, we can say that this year we were able to harvest healthy basic ingredients of superb quality.

Wine characteristics

Degree of dryness


Sugar content

1.1 g/l

Alcohol content


Titratable acidity

4.0 g/l

Sugar-free extract content

27.7 g/l

Viticultural data

Cultivation area

Villány Wine Region


Selected vineyards

Characteristic soil

limestone, loess, loam

Grape types and percentage

kékfrankos 24%, pinot noir 14%, portugieser 62%

Age of vines

4-29 years

Burden of production

1-1.5 kg/vine

Vintage time

september 2017

Winemaking data



Method of fermentation



large oak barrels

Bottling time


Commercial data


4 500 pc

Cellar gross retail price

1 980 HUF

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