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Bock Royal Cuvée

dry red wine2009In stock, can be taken immediately

4 290 Ft(0.75 l)

Unit price: 5 720 Ft/l
Type: Villány premium red wine with protected designation of origin (Premium wine)
Vineyards: Selected vineyards
Bottle sizes: 0.75 l
Product line: premium cuvée

Tasting notes

In this wine the main varieties of two French wine regions from Bordeaux (Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc) and from Burgundy (Pinot Noir) were brought together in a cuvée. This is matured for 24 months in new and used barrique barrels. Characterized by a crimson colour tending toward garnet of dark intensity; in its bouquet and taste one can sense sweet spices and overripe fruit and the aromas of chocolate and vanilla.

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About the year

In 2009, thanks to rich sunlight and a dry spring much warmer than long-term averages, the vines began to blossom early. The weather blessed us with average rains and even warmth throughout the summer and autumn months, bringing us an early vintage. The year brought fruity wines with pleasant acidity.

Wine characteristics

Degree of dryness


Sugar content


Alcohol content


Titratable acidity

4.9 g/l

Sugar-free extract content

32.8 g/l

Viticultural data

Cultivation area

Villány Wine Region


Selected vineyards

Characteristic soil

limestone, loess, loam

Grape types and percentage

cabernet franc 12%, cabernet sauvignon 50%, merlot 8%, pinot noir 30%

Age of vines

11-31 years

Burden of production

1 kg/vine

Vintage time

2009. október

Winemaking data



Method of fermentation



barrique barrels

Maturation period

24 months

Commercial data


65 000 db

Cellar gross retail price

4 290 HUF

Market entry

2014. 12. 01.