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Bock& Remove Two-Phase Make-Up Remover

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3 950 Ft(200 ml)

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You don’t like fiddling for ages removing your make-up? We’ve created a two-phase make-up remover which can make unnecessary dirt and make-up vanish from your face in a single motion, and which will make your skin feel not only reinvigorated but nourished, too!

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We don’t like our faces swimming in oil either, so we’ve put together ingredients like rice oil, an important property of which is that in addition to regenerating it absorbs quickly without feeling greasy. One aspect was that wanted to avoid any feeling of dryness or tightness in the course of face-cleaning, so when you choose Bock&Remove make-up remover you can be certain that as soon as you’re done your facial skin will be silky and toned. Combined, you receive the gift of Bock blue grape seed oil, macadamia oil and lavender water from the Abbey of Pannonhalma.

Main active agents and their properties:

Bock Blue Grape Seed Oil: Blue Grape Seed Oil is rich in polyphenols, which are the grape seed’s bioactive components and antioxidant materials. It can regenerate the skin and repair its structure, it nourishes and softens the skin, aids in retaining its suppleness, has an antioxidant effect and combats free radicals.

Pannonhalma Abbey Lavender Water: Alleviates irritations, reduces redness, assists in the regeneration of skin cells. Has a soothing, regenerating, revitalising and skin-tone improving effect. Gives the cream a lavender scent.

Macadamia oil: Mildly softens and purifies the skin. Stimulates the regeneration of cells, repairing their structure and nourishing them.

Provitamin B5: Also known as panthenol. Soothes, prevents inflammation and hydrates, reducing the process of skin dehydration. Alleviates irritated skin and has a structure-restorative effect.

Rice oil: Also has an antioxidant effect and aids in slowing down the ageing process. Regenerates the skin, improves blood circulation and impedes circling of the eyes. A good absorbent and protects the skin from adverse environmental impacts.

Our recommendation:

For all skin types, irrespective of age, although for very greasy skin we recommend our Ardent 2 in 1 micellar facial cleansing tonic.


Shake, then pour onto a cotton wool pad and finely wipe the facial skin and the area around the eyes, after which rinse with a clean, damp pad, not forgetting the neck area!

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