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Bock&Serum Blue Grape Seed Oil Facial Serum

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14 490 Ft(15 ml)

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In this little bottle of serum you will find the most effective wrinkle-removers and hydrators, moreover in very high concentration. Thanks to its water base it is very easy to work with, it absorbs immediately, pleasantly cools on a summer’s day without leaving any feeling of stickiness. This combination is a dream come true, whether in the course of hurried preparation in the morning or tired evenings.

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It is also a perfect base for make-up. Almost immediately, you can feel its tightening effect on the skin and the improvement of the skin’s texture as it conjures up a lovely skin tone. This is provided by a high concentration of Q10, collagen, hyaluronic acid and resveratrol, which we have crowned with just the right proportion of Bock Blue Grape Seed Oil so that it does not lose its easy workability, while enjoying to the maximum its antioxidant, skin-softening effect.

Main active agents and their properties:

Bock Blue Grape Seed Oil: Blue Grape Seed Oil is rich in polyphenols, which are the grape seed’s bioactive components and antioxidant materials. It can regenerate the skin and repair its structure, it nourishes and softens the skin, aids in retaining its suppleness, has an antioxidant effect and combats free radicals.

Pannonhalma Abbey Lavender Water: Alleviates irritations, reduces redness, assists in the regeneration of skin cells. Has a soothing, regenerating, revitalising and skin-tone improving effect. Gives the cream a lavender scent.

Coenzyme Q10: Combats free radicals, protects against oxidation caused by stress-related early ageing. Limits the disintegration process in collagen, smooths the skin, reduces depth in wrinkles.

Collagen: Assists in retaining the skin’s water content, reduces water loss and has a hydrating effect.

Hyaluronic acid: Retains the water, smooths, tightens and hydrates the skin. Aids in harmonising the skin, filling out and reducing wrinkles.

Our recommendation:

For combination skin types lacking in water, from the age of 25. But can be happily tried out with all skin types.


Apply to thoroughly cleansed facial skin and lightly massage. Work the serum into your skin in an outwards motion for the cheeks and chin, in circles around the eyes and diagonally outwards on the forehead. Don’t forget your neck area! Use prior to applying creams, mixed into your cream, or even in the summer in place of cream! Try applying it with wet hands, you’ll find the effect is not lost!

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100% natural ingredients, Artificial fragrance free, free from artificial colors, paraben free, SLS free, preservative free, vegan, flower water