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Bock Hárslevelű soap

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1 840 Ft(90 gramm)

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The light aroma of linden flowers exuding from this soap is thanks to our Hárslevelű, and is enhanced by a light volatile oil of orange blossom. The regenerative effect on skin comes from our grapeseed oil.

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Main components and effects on health:

Bock Hárslevelű:

This wine, which is the main component of the soap, is worthy of such a high-quality soap. It has a light linden blossom scent which we have enhanced with a dash of orange blossom volatile oil.

Coconut oil:

It reduces wrinkles, and has a beneficial effect on spots or skin with eczema, removes fungi and tightens the skin. It also has the unequalled quality that it brings skin to its optimal condition. Dry, dehydrated, cracked skin will show most gratitude.

Bock grapeseed oil:

Its most outstanding quality is its remarkably antioxidant effect; it protects against harmful free radicals and slows ageing. In addition it improves the structure of the skin and strengthens collagen fibres.

Yellow clay:

A fantastic gift from Mother Earth, additive- and chemical-free pure matter. Like a magnet it draws toward itself harmful matter in the skin, which disappears when rinsed away leaving maximal cleanness.

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