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Bock Blue Grape Seed-and-Skin Tablet

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3 290 Ft(60 piece)

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Research results from the University of Pécs and Szent István University showed that the rich bioactive components of grape seeds, antioxidants and polyphenols in blue grape seed tablets are more easily absorbed through the internal organs than when in simple micro-powder form.

How to take Bock blue grape seed and skin tablets?

For adults we recommend 1 tablet to be taken twice daily together with ample liquid, either whole through the mouth or chewed and swallowed. Scientific research has shown that this amount contains sufficient grape seed and grape skin micro-powder for the optimal absorption of active substances.

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Scientifically accepted effects of polyphenols as antioxidants on the body

  • May reduce vascular illnesses and the risk of formation of various kinds of cancer
  • Diminishes free radicals, thereby assisting in preventing irritations
  • By reducing high blood pressure and harmful cholesterol levels, it can protect the heart
  • It can exercise a beneficial effect on leg pains originating from varicose veins or vasoconstriction
  • It can diminish symptoms of diabetes
  • Its application is suitable as a preventative against and as complementary  treatment for eye diseases
  • It can reduce allergy symptoms

Active substances:

  • 108 mg polyphenol in daily 2 tablets (2,5 g)
  • 4337 mg polyphenol in 100 g tablets

Concentration for concentration, the total antioxidant capacity of Bock Blue Grape Seed-and-SkinTablet is about one-and-a-half times that of Vitamin C!

Additional information

Additional information
Weight 0,15 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 10 cm
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Cleaned, hulled and dried Villány blue grape seed-and-skin micro-powder, bulking agent (microcrystalline cellulose), distilled water, anti-caking agents (calcium-carbonate, magnesium stearate), potato starch

Positive attributions

allergen-free, gluten-free, vegan


1060/257 kJ/kcal

Total Fat

4,82 g/100g

Saturated fat

0,90 g/100g

Monounsaturated fatty acid

0,96 g/100g

Polyunsaturated fatty acid

2,87 g/100g


11,57 g/100g


2,24 g/100g


55,49 g/100g


14,2 g/100g


0,21 g/100g

Country of origin

Hungary, Villány Wine Region

Storage conditions

Below 70% relative humidity, max. 5-15 ˚c, Protected from radiation and light, In a dry place