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Bock Rosé Cuvée Soap

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1 840 Ft(90 gramm)

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Our Rosé Cuvée has given this soap a fruity, sweet aroma. An important element is the grapeseed oil, which has a light soothing, regenerative effect on the skin.

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Main components and effects on health:

Bock Rosé Cuvée:

Our Rosé Cuvée has given this soap a truly fruity and sweet aroma. We saw no point in adding any volatile oil to this product.

Bock Grapeseed Oil:

Grapeseed oil is a great element in these superb soaps. However, in order to enhance the effect we have added one or two splendid oils and butters.

Castor oil:

To mention just a couple of its beneficial qualities. Firstly, it prevents swellings and depigmentation. But it is also extremely effective in causing hair to grow. So if you feel the need for “Grow, hair!”, then go ahead. (A thorough citric acid or vinegar rinse is recommended.) It is also excellent for treating the skin from wounds and burns. It also kills fungi on the skin and in the hair (dandruff).

Coconut oil:

Its effect in removing wrinkles is well-known, but even more importantly it has a beneficial effect on spots, rashes, eczema, and some fungoid infections. It soothes and treats itchy skin. It is rich in antioxidants. It is a valuable element in this fantastic soap.

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