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Bock Hárslevelű

dry white wine2022The product is sold out

2 100 Ft(0.75 l)

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Type: Villány classic white wine with protected designation of origin (Fresh, aromatic wine)
Vineyards: Göntér
Bottle sizes: 0.75 l
Product line: reductive white wine

Tasting notes

An old Hungarian variety which feels at home in the Villány wine region. Generally made using reductive technology from overripe grapes from vines over forty years old on the Göntér Estate. Its colour is of medium intensity with shades of straw-yellow. The scent of the linden-tree blossom appears in its bouquet, side by side with a light citrus character, which returns in its flavour.

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About the year

In January, the year started with very low temperatures and a cold winter. Then, with the arrival of spring, the weather eased, the sunshine had its effect and the buds started to appear in the second week of April. May was very warm and the temperatures were very high, which certainly influenced the very rapid growth of the vines. The warm spring was followed by a very dry and hot summer, which had a major impact on the development of the plants. Of course, the care of the soil and the effective control of weeds also contributed to achieving perfect flowering and fruit set. Mid-summer saw the month of July approaching with the warmest and driest weather and the lack of summer rainfall also caused some headaches for growers. Finally, some rain arrived in the Villány areas, which certainly helped the crops to thrive. Harvesting started after mid-August and the early varieties were cleverly harvested. One of the characteristics of the vintage this year was the high colour content of the varieties. The autumn period also presented us with some difficulties in terms of weather. In the second half of September we had nearly 200 mm of rainfall, which made the harvest of Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon very difficult, but we managed to cope with the elements and had a successful harvest. We can certainly look back on 2022 as a very productive and unique vintage, which was greatly influenced by the weather, but we will not be disappointed when we taste the ’22 wines!

Wine characteristics

Degree of dryness


Sugar content

1.2 g/l

Alcohol content


Titratable acidity

5.0 g/l

Sugar-free extract content

19.9 g/l

Viticultural data

Cultivation area

Villány Wine Region



Characteristic soil

limestone, loess, loam

Grape types and percentage

hárslevelű 100%

Age of vines

40 éves

Burden of production

1.5-2 kg/vine

Vintage time

2022. szeptember

Winemaking data



Method of fermentation




Bottling time


Commercial data


8 000 pc

Market entry