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Bock Chardonnay

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2 190 Ft(0.75 l)

Unit price: 2 920 Ft/l
Type: Villány classic white wine with protected designation of origin (Medium-bodied)
Vineyards: Selected vineyards
Bottle sizes: 0.75 l
Product line: reductive white wine

Tasting notes

A global variety which also enjoys great popularity in Hungary. Prepared using reductive technology, it is a white wine light in colour with a hint of straw-yellow with a bouquet that reminds one of green apples which, paired with a light buttery quality, is reflected in its flavour.

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About the year


Wine characteristics

Degree of dryness


Sugar content

1.2 g/l

Alcohol content


Titratable acidity

5.9 g/l

Sugar-free extract content

23,5 g/l

Viticultural data

Cultivation area

Villány Wine Region


Selected vineyards

Characteristic soil

limestone, loess, loam

Grape types and percentage

chardonnay 100%

Age of vines

16-36 years

Burden of production

1-1.5 kg/vine

Vintage time

2023. szeptember

Winemaking data



Method of fermentation




Maturation period

~two and a half weeks

Bottling time

2023. 12. 4.

Commercial data


20 000 pc

Market entry

2023. 12. 13.